Sunday, August 12, 2012

Building Frustration

So I was going to blog about something completely different and then today happened. Today's blog is (probably) going to be a big ole jumble of randomness, so try to forgive me.

I've come to the realization that I don't have 3 kids. I have 4. I didn't give birth to the 4th one, but I got him. My husband. I have asked him repeatedly to read the books I bought. (Parenting a child with SPD and Fun Activities for kids with SPD). Do you think he's done it? No. Will he do it? Probably not. Granted, the man hates to read, but G is his kid too. You would think he would have some level of interest in understanding what is going on.

Why does G have a meltdown when a fly lands on him? (Because it probably feels like he got hit with a brick)
Why does G have a meltdown if hair falls on him during a haircut? (Because it might feel like sandpaper)

Instead, he says things like "suck it up" or "it's only a fly" or "stop whining" it's up to me to now be mom, cook (sometimes), dishwasher (because God forbid my husband fill up the dishwasher), maid, laundress, nurse, therapist, wife, sex kitten, and everything in between. Someone tell me when the next bus to "Alonetown" comes through, because I am hopping on that bitch and taking two weeks off.

I just want him to TRY. I'm not asking him to suddenly know everything about SPD and miraculously understand G. Apparently asking him to try is asking too much. I need a vacation. A no kids, no husband, no cell phone, no computer vacation. But, I would spend the entire time worrying that the house is burning down or the kids are starving or someone closed someone else in the dryer....some vacation.

I'm starting to resent everyone around me. I missed my therapy session this week and I know that's why my anxiety and frustration is so out of control. Hopefully, I can get control of myself and snap out of this funk. Hopefully, my husband removes his head from his ass and opens his eyes. G has special needs. No big deal. Yes, he needs help with certain things but he's not a freak, he's not so different than other kids, and he needs positive attention from his daddy. He's actually a pretty cool kid. If I could only make him see...

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