Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wooooo Wooooo Coming Through!

That title is supposed to be a fire truck noise. Excuse me for not knowing how to spell a sound. Anywhozit.....

I know it's been a while since I poured my heart out to my one follower (but many readers. Get on that guys and girls) so here I am to fill you in a bit. As we speak, G is simultaneously eating dog food and trying to sneak outside. It's too hot outside and I told him to play inside. Talking to a brick wall. (and he just dumped the dog food outside)

My best friend came over Monday for a sleepover because the husband and I had to go to a moving workshop Tuesday morning. G absolutely adores her. He says she's his girlfriend. I'll share a short conversation I had with G about his girlfriend...

Me: Alyssa's coming over
G: *excited noises*
Me: Is that your girlfriend?
Me: You gonna take her on a date?
G: Yep! Gonna go see the fire trucks!

(G and his girlfriend playing dress up)

The kid loves fire trucks. Pretty sure that's the best date ever. Just saying.

Other than the normal craziness that is every day life around here, it's been pretty boring. I started going to a spine and rehab center to see if they could fix my lower back problems. My pelvis is crooked and there's a slight curve in my spine. So it's trigger point massages and back adjustments for this girl.

One thing I am struggling with (HA! one thing...) is G's inability to keep books in one piece. He rips them apart. Two books lost their lives yesterday. "When Bunny Grows Up" and "There's a Wocket in my Pocket". This cannot be my kid. I love books like he loves trains and fire trucks. Because of his unexplained destructive attitude toward books, husband and I are now taking every book out of his room at night (even though he likes to read to himself sometimes) to save their lives.

Back to today, would it be a horrible thing for me to do if I put him back to bed even though he just got up? He's in a destructive, I-Don't-Wanna-Listen-To-You, refusing to be quiet, constantly in trouble kinda mood. I've been awake for an hour and I'm already questioning my sanity and my ability to deal with him effectively.  There has to be a line (somewhere)...anyone know where it is?

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