Friday, August 10, 2012

OT Appointment (8-9-12)

Yesterday was G's OT appointment. First, it took us an hour and a half to make a trip that usually takes about 20 minutes. We live on a military base and a section of the base, right by the front gate) caught on fire. The road leading to the gate was blocked so we had to go 15 miles out of our way, in the opposite direction, to go out a different gate. When we finally got to the highway, it was a parking lot. Needless to say, G was NOT happy. We played the repeater for an hour and a half. It was just awesome. (did you catch my sarcasm?) When he got tired of that, he started kicking. Then squealing. Finally, the crying started. He stopped when he saw the building. It looks like a castle. He loves it.

Anyway, we were lucky they even saw us. We were 40 minutes late. Miss Lisa (his OT therapist) is so great. We talked about his sleeping habits and she agreed that a playpen (or a tent) would be a great way to give him the security he's looking for. Then she moved on to the therapy ball. He has no "catch reflex" so this kid of therapy is important for him. He doesn't like to have his head out of line with his body either, so she tried to get him to lay on his tummy on the ball and try reaching for things. It took a while, but he did it. Kinda. He doesn't like having his feet off of the floor. She thinks he would benefit from horse therapy. Something to look into for sure.

Then we moved on to the roller board. Again, he had balance issues because he over corrects when his head is out of line. She had him scooting (on his tummy) around the room picking up little toys. He kept falling off of the board but, toward the end, he got better.

She recommends that he be seen 2-3 times a week once we move back home. But for now, all we can do is once a month. Hopefully we can find great OT back home. Only time will tell.

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