Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Educate Yourself

I've decided that I am, quite possibly, the most unorganized mom in the entire mom-universe. I need one of those giant dry erase boards. In theory, I would write appointments, chores, and routines on it...but let's be honest here, it would hang uselessly on the wall collecting dust and dirty jokes/pictures from the Marine.

On to the point of this post......research and education. Not for kids, but for parents! I'm not saying that I have a bottomless pit of knowledge regarding SPD but I know a little. I spend countless hours reading books, searching the internet, talking to other SPD/Autism parents...and I learn something new everyday. I think it's given me an edge when dealing with G and some of his behaviors. It brings up questions that I want to ask at the next OT appointment. My husband? Not so much.

My solution to meltdowns: redirect. The bedtime meltdown last night resulted in a G sandwich with two enormous couch pillows (and lots of eye rolling from the husband) that calmed him down enough to do his bedtime routine.
His solution: yelling and/or walking away

That's it . He doesn't even TRY to understand what G is going through. He thinks he can force him to be a good kid. Great. My own husband thinks G is "the bad kid". That's just perfect.

Is it too much to ask that he read a little about SPD and what G deals with everyday? Is it too much to ask that he try to help me? In his head, in his own way, he thinks he's helping...but all he's doing is destroying any progress I may have made that day.

What do I do? Do I bring it up for the millionth time and sound like a nag? Do I let it go and, everyday, start over with G? I want my husband to have a relationship with G beyond yelling and punishment. Right now, it's just not there.

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